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Working at Arkwright

As a new hire at Arkwright you will be an important part of the team from day one. Due to Arkwright’s focus on high-level strategy, you will have a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into business and the drivers of growth, profitability and success in various industries. Typical tasks involve forming of hypotheses, analytical work, dialogue with relevant companies and industry experts, and drawing conclusions regarding your findings’ impact for the client and their strategy. You will be given a lot of responsibility, while at the same time receiving close follow-up.

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What we are looking for:
• Strong problem solving skills
• An analytical and curious mind-set
• Solid communicative skills and an aptitude for team work

What we can provide:
• A close-knit working environment in a flat and entrepreneurial organisation
• Dedicated follow-up and support to help develop your talents
• Growth impulses from our start-up incubator Arkwright X

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Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach guten Leuten! Wenn Sie keine Stelle finden, die Ihren Interessen und Fähigkeiten entspricht, schreiben Sie uns einfach eine E-Mail.

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